weisser-hirsch-logoIt's quite an honour when as a majestic animal , whose normal domain is the forest and the meadow , you are invited into the pedestrian zone in St. Wolfgang to serve as the symbol of a friendly and welcoming guesthouse , and not for just a short time , oh no, but for well, let's simply say 300 years .

Artistic hands built me from golden metal and with my head held high, I was hoisted up as a so-called guild sign on a beautiful wrought iron frame . Why in gold when my real name is the "White Stag"? you may well ask!

Well , people are also strange sometimes and not just in terms of colours. I saw so many people pass by me, following the paths of Saint Wolfgang; locals of all ages in traditional costume, singing and playing musical instruments, lots of interesting guests from almost every possible country in the world, slowly and desperately trying to capture something of the beautiful atmosphere of St. Wolfgang , to save it forever in their head , to breathe it in and not let it go, so as to bring to back life again later in their memories.

And after 300 years of watching this ever changing scene, it seemed to me as if I too, would like a change of scene- as the saying goes . And so on the night of the full moon, in the month of May 2001 I finally set out take a trip . After I had endured so long in my seat, it felt so right, as I moved away slowly and quietly . Not even the guesthouse owners seemed to think it unusual that the White Stag was no longer in position in the pedestrian zone.

So, where should I travel ?
Through the village, past the many nice little shops and restaurants along the lake? Unthinkable, far too many dangers!

Should I choose the other way ?
Just a few steps to the glistening Lake Wolfgang, which gurgled peacefully in front of me ...

The crystal clear blue-green water in which magnificent fish cavorted, seemed inviting in the moonlit night.

So I looked for a suitable companion , who was equipped with both the art of swimming, as well as with the necessary local knowledge of the lake

I hadn't been there long when a fine, full-grown char jumped merrily around in the water and invited me on an adventure.
People say fish are stupid , but we had a very entertaining time together and the cheerful little fish inspired me from the beginning. The beginning of a beautiful , rare friendship? Opposites attract, that is well known .

The lightness of being , the elegant movements , the speed in the water, the total freedom of my new friend, I was fascinated and soon I slipped into the waters of Lake Wolfgang to get professional swimming lessons.

A white stag with inflatable armbands? No, not really! We animals learn in a different way from people and of course we also have our own secret ways of learning. Soon my swimming skills were perfected and I was ready to begin my long awaited trip.

I told my companion the reason for my trip. From the water , the sparkling shore front of the next metropolis beckoned to me. Exhausted from swimming , I looked for a cozy hotel that would provide everything I desired and my stag heart beat faster - but unfortunately I had no success . There was nothing to make me want to stay in this place and so I drifted with the flow back to St. Wolfgang to take my place again .

I think my companion could not really understand why anyone would want a vacation, he was so completely content with his Wolfgangsee water.

The next evening , we had arranged to meet again , we swam off hopefully to new shores . But again, I could not find a hotel that fitted my needs.

Was I too demanding? Was my fish - friend right, holidays are not for us ?

Another night passed, and I decided to build my own hotel in my old place which emanates so much peace and comfort, with everything I could wish for and the extras I was looking for - the big wide lake Wolfgang and very close to my faithful fish - friend ...

A large round bed, the wonderful view over the lake, a beautiful, shady garden with chestnut trees, a lake terrace with Jacuzzi, a private beach, without the hustle and crowds and with nice, friendly people who have open ears for my eccentric wishes.

The next night, on the lake shore, I wistfully told my plan to the fish and lo and behold , he was excited, got big wet fish eyes and promised to support me in my projects and accompany me . The foundation stone for the Seeböckenhotel was laid.