1476 ...for the first time the inn was documentary mentioned - it is proved to be one of the eldest buildings in St.Wolfgang, in those ´days known as "The Prant- or Pucherhouse". At this time the house was only used as a shelter for pilgrims and it accommodated a brewery ..
1599 ...there was a great fire distroying half of the existing houses. Also the Pucherhouse was damaged.
1694 ...a bakery was added to the house on the lakeside, therefore a new name was created : "The Seeböckenhouse"
1919 ...Kajetan Köllerer, my great-grandfather, brought the inn into our family as the "White stag", in german "Der Weiße Hirsch".
K.Köllerer was followed by his son Karl.
1965 ...a generous and spacious rebuilding gave the inn it's today's image.
1990 ...the two of us, Mathias and Renate Ellmauer, have taken over
2002 ... we offer our guests a **** Hotel with its own bathing place and took our old house name "Seeböckenhaus" from 1694 traditionally in our new hotel name "Seeböckenhotel Zum Weissen Hirschen".

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